Filigree Communications


Expert communications services, stakeholder engagement and placemaking.


Filigree Communications is a dynamic, creative agency offering a full roster of traditional and innovative communications services

Filigree provides comprehensive communications as well as pro-active and reactive support for the regeneration of Catford town centre
— team Catford


Combining established techniques with an innovative outlook we are never afraid to do things differently. Seeing the true value of bringing people together, Filigree’s approach to stakeholder engagement not only delivers results for planners and developers, but crucially, allows communities the chance to make change.

The Filigree team are specialists in connecting with the stakeholders and influencers who are key to your project, we will work together with local residents, community leaders, businesses and politicians to define objectives and desired outcomes. Whether through a tailored public affairs plan or unique face-to-face community relations programme, our bespoke strategy approach and effective messaging with get to the crux of the challenges faced.


Selling in the right story to the right journalist is an art. Our team has forged excellent contacts and relationships with sector media, knows what makes a good story and how to present it. However, that’s only one side of the equation. When issues arise, we know how to react quickly, working with you to release statements and establish Q&As to clarify positions and confirm next steps.


Filigree creates captivating, original digital content, drawing on expertise in copywriting, photography and film. Our research-based approach identifies the stories that connect individuals to wider discussions, bringing nuanced perspectives to light.

We are natural storytellers with experience in writing clear and engaging content for websites, e-newsletters, blogs and social channels. Images are powerful. Our specialist team respond to any brief to deliver high-quality visuals encapsulating key messages for clients.


You’re an authority in your sector but are you setting the news agenda? By sharing your thoughts and plans with us so we can get to know you inside out, we create newsworthy stories and opinion pieces that open the conversation around your project. We’ll make sure you achieve positive coverage online and offline in the national, trade and regional press. We can brief senior executives on making the most of broadcast opportunities.


Placemaking at Filigree is informed by engagement, dialogue and research and inspired by arts and cultural practices. Our approach to placemaking is creative at core, and people focused by design.

Filigree recognises that placemaking is not an ‘off the shelf’ reproducible with a list of tick boxes. It is a process that thrives with embedded long-term thinking and responsive activity. A sense of place is produced by multiple authors, in the practice of everyday life. We are part of a group of specialists that make up Team Catford - take a look at how we’re doing things differently.



We’ll challenge you to think about how your company is perceived by your customers, employees, stakeholders and the media. By putting a dynamic strategy and well-tested tactics in place we can establish, strengthen and develop your brand.



Preparation is key to survival in moments of crisis. We’ll help you consider all scenarios ahead of time and remain agile and responsive should an issue arise. With a plan of action in place, we will enable you to carefully manage how your company is seen from outside or within. We can also step in to work with you to issue press statements and organise community liaison on your behalf.


Through insights, research and planning we will ensure a continuation of the brand experience across multiple social channels through tone of voice, quality photographic and video content, and delivering key messaging. Our dedicated team will produce content, engage and manage channels day-to-day, as well as devising a clear strategy for future growth.