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Talking about residents' ballots

Residents’ ballots are now a GLA funding condition for major estate regeneration schemes. Earlier this year, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, announced the move as a way of making sure people living on housing estates were “at the heart of any decisions from the outset”.

Local authorities across the capital have responded to the consultation document that accompanied City Hall’s guidance on estate regeneration – Better Homes for Local People.

Whilst the principle of holding ballot to give residents a say in what happens to their homes is widely undisputed, the details on how such ballots will be implemented are up for debate.

Filigree works with housing associations, local authorities and property developers leading community engagement around masterplans, estate renewal schemes and planning applications as well as handling media relations and campaigns on housing and urban regeneration. We understand the implications of ballots from both the perspective of residents, local authorities and their partner housing associations.

Over three consecutive weeks, we facilitated a series of intensive workshops with Lewisham Council to help establish a clear vision for residents' ballots across the borough. We brought  in everyone who will help shape the Council’s response - from the housing, planning, corporate communications teams as well as Lewisham Homes, a not-for-profit organisation that manages 19,000 homes on behalf of the Council.

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