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Forty films

The Filigree team is passionate about storytelling through film, and this week, we uploaded Filigree’s 40th video produced and shared for clients.

Film is a powerful tool in community engagement as we’ve shown through our work for Team Catford and Lewisham Council. Our #CatfordConversation campaign features vox pops gathered from informal chats with local people over a few days spent on the streets of Catford.

An emotional connection

Supporting the Council’s placemaking strategy for the town centre, we use film to showcase the emotional connection people have to Catford. Our most-watched video to date – this beautiful art – aroused the community’s passion and pride in our town.

A powerful communications tool

Film engages the senses and leads to greater retention of messages. It’s thought that viewers retain up to 95% of a message when watched through video compared to around 10% when reading a message in text. It is claimed, one minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words (

Just as customer testimonials are proven to be one of the most effective forms of video content when it comes to increasing sales, we strongly believe that video lends credibility to a community engagement programme and encourages further participation.

Having dedicated film and photography resources means we’re able to deliver films that are perfectly aligned to our campaign objectives. With a filmmaker’s eye for beautiful moving images and our strategic approach, the result is highly shareable content that delivers against our objectives. It’s also quick, essential for social media. Just 24 hours after a community event like February’s Young & Vocal evening, we’re able post on Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter a video that reflects the community’s views.

Capturing Catford’s character

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to capture the character of Catford on film – everyone from the families, the cyclists, the shopkeepers, the mini cab drivers, the market traders to the commuters.

Seeing neighbours or familiar faces talking about Catford and the vision for the town centre generates a curiousity and encourages participation. It has successfully driven more people to share their views through our online engagement platform, Commonplace. Film not only to stir the soul, but to drive greater participation.

GRADED A205 ROAD_DSC3070.jpg

Filigree was appointed by Lewisham Council to lead the community engagement and support the placemaking for Catford town centre. As part of Team Catford we promote the vision for the town centre and encourage participation in shaping the Council’s masterplan. Film and photography is central to our content strategy as we put an emphasis on visual channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

View more of our films here or get in touch to find out more.